Preliminary Program

Day Monday 19 September
14:00 SC & MB
Day Tuesday 20 September
1. strongly correlated materials: non-magnetic effects
08:45 Welcome
09:00 Igor Abrikosov - Correlated systems at extreme conditions
09:35 Nicole Helbig - Generalized Pauli constraints in reduced density matrix functional theory
09:55 Daniel Karlsson - Partial Phi-derivability and analytic properties in many-body perturbation theory, and implications for sum rules
10:15 Coffee
10:45 Silke Biermann - Electronic structure calculations for correlated materials -- A Dynamical Mean Field Theory perspective
11:20 Rex Godby - Exact DFT and TDDFT potentials for correlated electrons in real space
11:40 Michiel van Setten - High-throughtput GW: automatization methodologies and large scale validation
12:00 Lunch
2. industry
14:00 Anders Blom - Commercial vs. academic software: a love-hate story
14:35 Michael Kuhn - Two-component methods in the framework of time-dependent density functional theory
14:55 Nicolas Dardenne - Many body perturbation theory on lead candidates for high-performance organic photovoltaics
15:45 Dook van Mechelen - Electronic properties of Mg-Ni-H across the metal-to-insulator transition for industrial hydrogen sensing
16:20 Round table with industry
17:05 ETSF General meeting
Day Wednesday 21 September
3. strongly correlated materials: magnetic effects
09:00 Hubert Ebert - Recent extensions to the one-step theory of photoemission
09:35 Thomas Ostler - First Principles Calculation of Curie temperatures and temperature dependence of magnons in magnetic materials
09:55 Hugo Strand - Hund's exchange out of equilibrium
10:15 Coffee
10:45 Silvia Picozzi - Relativistic ferroelectrics: a novel class of multifunctional materials
11:20 Alireza Akbari - Magnetic phases in parent compounds of iron-chalcogenides via quasiparticle scattering interference
11:40 David O'Regan - Bandwidth renormalization and satellites in SrVO3 from a minimal DFT+U inspired model
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Pascale Deen - Emergent behaviour and magnetic frustration
14:35 Alexander Yaresko - Direct observation of spin-orbit coupling in iron-based superconductors
14:55 Zeila Zanolli - Designing new materials for spintronics: the exemplar case of graphene-on-multiferroics
15:15 Coffee
15:45 Yaroslav Pavlyukh - Vertex function of homogeneous electron gas: positive definite approximation
16:05 Vojtch Vlcek - Stochastic formulation of the $GW$ approximation
16:25 Thorsten Deilmann - Three-particle correlation from a many-body perspective: Trions in a carbon nanotube
16:45 - 20:00 Poster Session (food & beer)
Day Thursday 22 September
4. spin dynamics and transport
09:00 Gianluca Stefanucci - Should we really give up with DFT in strongly correlated quantum transport?
09:35 Christoph Friedrich - Spin-wave excitations and electron-magnon scattering from many-body perturbation theory
09:55 Alexey Kartsev - Light-induced spin crossover in an ordered single molecular layer
10:15 Coffee
10:45 Anna Delin - Spin dynamics and spin-heat interaction
11:20 Miroslav Hopjan - Negative friction in molecular tunnel junctions: the role of electronic correlations
10:40 Stefano Pittalis - U(1)XSU(2) Gauge-Invariance Made Simple for Density Functional Approximations
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Mechthild Enderle - Twisted excitations in low-dimensional quantum magnets
14:35 Nicholas Pike - Coupled Boltzmann Equation Solver: Effects of the Electron-Phonon interaction on the Transport Coefficients
14:55 Gabriel D'Avino - Combining the many-body GW formalism with classical discrete polarizable models: a novel route to the QM/MM description of complex molecular systems
15:15 Ryan McMillan - Projected Equations of Motion (PEOM) Approach to Hybrid Quantum/Classical Dynamics in Composite Materials
15:35 Jesper Anderson - Max Lab Speech
16:00 Transfer Lund - Max Lab
16:30 Lab visit
17:30 Transfer Max Lab - Lund
18:300 Transfer Lund - Dinner
19:00 Workshop Dinner
Transfer Dinner - Lund
Day Friday 23 September
5. Spectroscopy
09:00 Liu Hao Tjeng - Search for new f-electron topological materials
09:35 Emil Bostrom - Time-resolved spectroscopy at surfaces and adsorbate dynamics: insights from simple model systems
09:55 Matthieu Verstraete - Long-range dispersion forces between molecules subject to attosecond pulses from ab initio calculations
10:15 Coffee
10:45 Anders Mikkelsen - Imaging and spectroscopy of Low Dimensional Structures to the Ångström Length and Attosecond Time Scales.
11:20 Barbara Brena - First-principles modelling of the L-edge X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Oxides
11:40 Roman Ovcharenko - X-ray emission and absorption spectra calculation scheme within the traditional DFT and beyond
12:00 Jianqiang Zhou - Recent developments in cumulant approaches to photoemission spectra
12:20 Closing Remarks
12:30 Lunch
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